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Daily Brain Booster Program

Mental Stimulation and The Brain

Mental Stimulation

Mental stimulation may help slow down brain ageing, reduce risk of developing dementia and grow new brain cells regardless of age.

The Brain

Your brain thrives with new, different and challenging puzzles, and builds resilience to neurodegenerative diseases when exercised regularly.

The program includes 

Brain Puzzles

365 days of mental stimulation puzzle, delivered to your email inbox daily


Free One digital copy of Demystifying Dementia book 

Memory Training Cards

Free one set of our Specialty Memory Training card

Brain Function Test

Free one mini Brain Function test conducted via Zoom meeting

What Clients Say

I have used a number of apps before for good brain stimulation. They all became repetitive and boring, and I gave up on them. I found Fit Minds Daily Brain Booster program to be refreshingly diverse. It was fun to have person to person responses to my quiz/challenge answers too!


The mini brain function test has changed my direction in life, and I’m adjusting to the ‘new me’. Thank you for your good work!


Start fertilising your cauliflower now

Annual subscription is $150 per person

(only $12.50 a month!)

If you can do something right now to maintain the health of your brain, why leave it till later when it may be too late

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