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Daily Brain Booster Program

365 days of Mental Stimulation puzzle

Boost Brain Health and Reduce Dementia Risk

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Fit Minds Cognitive Stimulation Therapy Program​s

Fit Minds Cognitive Stimulation Therapy Program is one of the most comprehensive mental stimulation programs in the market for older adults in independent and assisted living. We offer different program options for service providers, people living with dementia and older adults.

For People living with Dementia

If you're looking for non-medical intervention to support and provide stimulation for your loved one living with dementia, this program will be the perfect fit.

Our Individual Program can be personalised to match the individual's cognitive ability, preferences and interests to build self esteem and offer sense of accomplishments. It provides the much needed human interactions & social connections, purpose & meaning while your loved one navigate the journey.

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For Aged Care service providers

If you’re looking for an effective, fun, time-saving and affordable cognitive stimulation program for your residents, this is the best program that you can find. Offering your residents this kind of cognitive stimulation program not only benefits them, but also helps set your facility apart.

Our programs enable the Wellness/Lifestyle Team to consistently and meaningfully implement Mental Stimulation Therapy for the residents to support their brain health.

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For Older Adults

If you're worried and concerned about dementia as you age, or worried about losing independence and the ability to continue to stay at home, this is for you or your loved one.

Our Daily Brain Booster program is designed to help boost brain health, delay brain ageing and potentially reduce the risk of developing dementia. It is great for older adults with technology access and prefer a daily dose of brain exercises in the comfort of their own home.

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Find a facilitator in your local area

Find a Fit Minds program facilitator that fits your schedule and purpose.

Contact a Fit Minds program coach or facilitator in your area (listed below) if you want in-person one-on-one cognitive stimulation therapy session or contact us directly using our contact form here for recommendations.

Become a Certified Fit Minds Coach and make it a rewarding career

If you're looking for a full-time or part-time opportunity to do something that is meaningful and rewarding for older adults, becoming a certified Fit Minds coach will give you the fulfilment, because you work matters.

Our Fit Minds' coaches are the heroes that make a difference in the life of seniors. Our coaches empower seniors to build self-esteem and to reach their greatest potential, regardless of whether they are living with dementia or other cognitive impairment.

For $597, our certification program gives you the knowledge and skills you need to confidently deliver the program. We provide ongoing support so that you are never without guidance in delivering this life changing mission.

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